Public Voice Project: Story For Social Change

City Mission’s Public Voice Project customizes storytelling training and presentations to help participants find and share the stories which break down barriers and build understanding within oneself as well as across groups, cultures and communities. In telling and listening to each other’s personal stories, all participants are encouraged to discover new insights and meaning within the stories they carry about themselves and each other. As previously unheard voices share their stories, there is greater insight, understanding, and motivation towards social change for both tellers and the community of listeners alike.

Public Voice Offerings

Public Voice Speakers' Bureau

City Mission’s Public Voice provides trained storytellers/speakers whose lived experience gives insight, understanding and perspective to the issues underlying homelessness. Call us if you would like to book a speaker to come to your group or organization.

Story X Change

Service learning workshops pair Public Voice speakers with members of organizations, institutions, congregations or communities that want a deeper understanding of social issues, particularly related to homelessness. Call us if you would like to bring a Story X Change workshop to your group.

Storytelling Training

Public Voice provides storytelling/public speaking training for individuals and groups, including staff/employees within partnering or funding organizations. Call us if you or your group is interested in developing storytelling skills or becoming part of the Public Voice Speaker’s Bureau.

Storytelling Facilitation

Skilled facilitation for workshops or meetings using story sharing exercises as a medium for insight, increased understanding and connection between participants. Call us if your group is interested in exploring itself further through story.