City Mission Welcomes Rev. Darrell R. Hamilton, II

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Get to know our new Program Director for the Urban Pastoral Ministry Program!


Q: What past experiences, personal or professional, connect to the work and values of City Mission Boston?

Rev. Darrell: My call to ministry has been shaped by an assortment of experiences such as working as a university campus student leader and my time in congregational ministry. These experiences have helped me to see clearly how my call and work of ministry is useful not only in a congregational setting, but also within the public squares, neighborhoods, universities of our world. I believe I am called to lead communities toward greater equity, health, and wholeness; to promote the importance of diversity and diversification; to advocate for the vulnerable and marginalized; to nurture and shape the religious and moral life of people and communities, and to preach the gospel message of justice and liberation to spread a deeper and fuller appreciation of the Christian faith. These are precisely the values that connect my sense of call to the work of City Mission Boston to engage, educate, and empower us all to be agents of God's transformative work and justice.

Q: What is your new role at City Mission Boston, and what inspired you to join the team?

Rev. Darrell: The Urban Pastoral Ministry Program is a new program designed to prepare moral leaders on how to be pastors in an urban context. My role is to facilitate, supervise, and development this two year program and assist these new pastors in fulfilling the ministry roles for which they have been called to respond. I am excited to join the team of City Mission Boston because City Mission has committed itself to a holistic, active and justice centered ministry in Boston to push for the creation of a “beloved community” and transform people's lives in tangible, long lasting ways. I am grateful to be part of City Mission’s work of justice, reconciliation, and love that moves our communities toward liberation, salvation, health, and wholeness.

Q: Tell us what motivates you to do what you do, and how do you plan to contribute to the mission of City Mission Boston?

Rev. Darrell: In talking about the role of the church, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said that the church needs to “recapture its prophetic zeal” in order to prevent becoming an “irrelevant social club without moral or spiritual authority.” I am motivated by this calling so that I can contribute to the church's need to address the pertinent, day to day living experiences of the people in the congregation and surrounding community. Second, I am motivated to aid City Mission’ desire to preach the gospel message consistent with the ministry and message of Jesus that merges the sacred and the secular, the needs of body and spirit, to show and prove concern with the day to day matters of people on the earth. Not merely proclaiming the good news of some imminent pie in the sky, but also Jesus's will, that each can enjoy some steak by the lake. It is the church’s liturgy, the work of the people, to expand beyond the comforts of our safe space in order to be in solidarity with people in search of justice.

Q: What do you enjoy doing when you are not working at City Mission?

Rev. Darrell: When I am not at City Mission, I enjoy my time reading, writing, and making trips to the movie theater to catch up on the latest greatest Marvel movie.