In 2016 City Mission celebrates 200 years of impact in Boston. As the oldest multi-service agency in New England and the second oldest in the United States, since 1816 our efforts have led to the formation of many of Boston’s most lasting charitable institutions.

A community of change makers, justice seekers and pioneers in education, poverty reduction and women’s programs, members of the City Mission community have achieved many milestones for Boston and beyond. These include establishment of a women’s refuge for prostitutes, advocacy programs that led to the founding of the YWCA, the establishment of Boston’s system of primary schools and the nation’s first public high school.

With our roots in the faith community, but our arms and doors open to all who wish to serve, the organization attracts community orientated groups and individuals from around the country who wish to contribute to lasting social change.

Join us in our year of special programming, fundraising and celebration.