A Lift Up

A Lift Up is an intensive, voluntary two-year homelessness prevention program for low-income single mothers and their families who are at risk of losing their housing. Many families entering the program are at some point in the eviction process. There are many factors that affect housing stability, but rental arrearages due to inadequate or loss of income are the most common. A Lift Up’s main goals are to keep the family housed, to address the underlying issues affecting their housing, and empower the mothers to make change in their lives. For example, many participants return to school or a training program to increase their skills and earning potential.

A Lift Up’s unique model is an effective approach to homelessness prevention, combining intensive case management services and monthly group meetings for all participants. The groups provide an opportunity for peer support, group problem-solving, and resource-sharing, as well as more formal instruction in financial literacy (budgeting, credit repair), self-care (stress reduction, nutrition), parenting, and advocacy. A Lift Up utilizes a strengths-based framework grounded in the development of an individualized Action Plan and Budget created by the mothers themselves. The program is designed with the complexity of poverty and housing instability in mind. By providing direct assistance for participating mothers, we are helping the entire family to succeed and grow.

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Director of Homelessness Prevention
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A Lift Up is funded in part by a generous donation by the Cummings Foundation.
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